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"I’m so happy to have discovered breast thermography. My 32 year old daughter died in 1999 from breast cancer. She was told it was nothing to worry about.

Her mammogram showed nothing, and after the follow-up ultrasound she was told to come back in ten years. I found out later on that these tests are not conclusive. Only 20% of the time it is cause to worry. That statistic is too high for my taste. I wish I had known about this technology, which would most likely have told the doctors it WAS something to worry about. I personally have yearly thermograms as part of my regular check-ups. I now recommend it to every woman. Early diagnosis is the best chance for survival. I don’t know why the medical establishment is not using this everywhere.

Thank you Dr. Amalu for your dedication in helping women fight this disease."

Gayla Wilson

"Thank you so much for always accommodating me at your office. Most important to me, was the time that I had a “breast lump scare” and you took me in for a screening appointment within 24 hours’ time, and provided results that very same day.

My mother died of breast cancer at 45 years of age, and my maternal grandmother also had breast cancer. I live with the knowledge that I am at “high risk” myself, and as such have created for myself what I call a “breast health community”. This community of people – health practitioners, community organizations, cancer survivors, friends, family – provide me with all kinds of support to maintain a positive outlook and to face every health challenge with courage and dignity. Support in the form of resources and information, emotional understanding, and just plain good company, are all important characteristics in this network of mine.

Given that it can be a somewhat emotional experience for me to come for breast thermography testing, it’s good to feel that I’m coming to people who I feel comfortable with, who have my best interests at heart, and who I know I can count on. I count your Breast Thermography services, and both you and Carol, as integral members of my breast health community.

With much respect and appreciation ~"

Kelly Keller

"I recently had my first thermogram, and am very grateful for doing so. I have had regularly scheduled mammograms and have no personal or family history of breast cancer. About two years ago, however, I lost a close friend to breast cancer. Unfortunately, her cancer was detected much too late.

A good friend of mine told me of how breast thermography can detect cancer and even pre-cancer earlier than other tests. Rather than procrastinate, I decided to take a proactive role about my breast health and have a thermogram.

My thermogram showed abnormal thermovascular findings in the left breast. It was recommended in the report that I have a follow-up mammogram, and an ultrasound even if the mammogram was normal. In my case, the mammogram was normal, so I had an ultrasound. I also had a breast MRI, which was also normal. My ultrasound, however, located a solid mass in the same area detected by the thermogram. Ultimately, two tests showed nothing and two required further work-up. I chose to have a biopsy of this mass, in which pre-cancerous cells were discovered. This abnormal tissue was then removed by excisional biopsy.

Due to the early detection of my problem with thermography, I was not faced with the likelihood of radical treatment such as mastectomy, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. The fact also remains that the problem would not have been discovered at all without the addition of thermography to my regular breast screening.

I am thankful that my doctors were supportive of my decision to have breast thermography, and followed up as recommended in my report. I also plan to continue to have breast thermography done as part of my regular breast health check-ups. Because thermography was so instrumental in finding my pre-cancerous condition, I have recommended it to my sister who lives in Texas. She now has an appointment for her first breast thermogram.

I am sharing my story to let other women know about the importance of breast thermography. More of us need to be aware of this valuable imaging technique that I believe may have just saved my life."

Lynn Belmer

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